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Regarding the New Times Music Awards


My intent herein is to analyze, critique, and review the New Times’s story regarding the First Annual New Times Music Awards, which took place August 8, 2009

The story was written by Glen Starkey and was released online and in the next issue of the New Times.

It was a fun event. There was a good community vibe thing goin’ on that really fit with the down-homeyness of DTB and of the New Times. It was a good fit for our town.

The performances were overall quite good, as should be expected from the “best” of San Luis Obispo. One is forced to wonder, however, where Still Time was for all of this. I assume they chose not to participate for the sake of fairness.

I spent most of that day at DTB, and even got to play bass with Red Eye Junction during their sound check, as their bassist had not yet arrived. I must say, their drummer is a remarkably nice guy. That band has a real sense for putting together a cohesive performance. That impresses me.

Truth About Seafood played a solid set. They sort of missed the mark with me personally, but the crowd enjoyed it a lot, so they definitely did what they were there to do.

KO and Capriss, the one rap group involved, did not receive a great deal of favorable audience participation. In fact, most of the audience shuffled outside for the performance. I blame this on generation gap and a bit of poor mixing. The performance itself was very solid and very well put together. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the patrons in attendance that evening were perhaps a bit old to appreciate what was happening on stage. Oh well. They were good, just not a lot of people noticed that.

At this point, Red Eye Junction played their set. I was a bit surprised, as this was the first time I had seen them live and the content of their set was not so well reflected in the content of their sound check. Let me be clear in saying that they were very solid and very well put together. They just differ in taste from yours truly.

Their frontman, Reid Cain, did his best to get the crowd excited. He promised a free t-shirt to anyone willing to start a fight in the audience. Luckily no one took him up on this. After their set I gathered from him personally that he has had to make good on this problem at a couple of past shows. Korie Newman, co-owner of DTB was visibly relieved that this ploy had failed on this particular evening at this particular venue.

After Red Eye Junction, Chase McBride and his band, myself included, took the stage. I can say only that it was a very fun show and the crowd was very responsive. Things went off without a hitch. It was a great evening for us.

Damon Castillo wrapped things up for the night and he and his band were spot on as always. Those guys are all consummate musicians, and amazingly friendly guys. They never fail to impress.

The awards portion of the show followed after a short break, and was pretty much as I expected. The outcome can be accessed at the New Times Site.

my experience:

Chase McBride band in the throes of creativity.

Chase McBride and the band in the throes of creativity. Photography by Lauren Gan

This is what first place in the solo category gets you: a really nice guitar.

This is what first place in the solo category gets you: a really nice guitar. Photography by Lauren Gan

We were notably pleased.

We were notably pleased. Photography by Lauren Gan

the lack of capitalization indicates a more casual tone

things Starkey failed to mention that i will include:

a number of the winners were listed two days prior to the event in the new Soundcheck special publication. the Soundcheck is a directory of local musicians which was prepared along with the awards. the directory was released on thursday, i believe, and the show was not until saturday. under a few musicians’ listings, the directory proudly states “Winner of the 2009 New Times Music Awards.” perhaps they were banking on no one looking through it?

the trophies were displayed all night with the winners’ names concealed only by sticky notes. the award that went to the Damon Castillo Band even had a few telling letters spilling past the protective boundary of light yellow paper.

Steve Key was not in attendance. i was horrified…         i suppose the point here is that Starkey avoided any mention of community dissent. Starkey paints for us a whimsical picture of happy-go-lucky music fans sharing a love filled evening with some local artists while in reality, at least Steve Key was sitting at home brooding and potentially writing angry, acoustic folk songs. he missed out, i would say.

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