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The First of Two


We all fondly remember UU hour. But gone are the days, at least for now.

However, they’ve been replaced, so no worries. The new concert series is called Music in the Market, and takes place outside of campus market.

Today marks the first of two Music in the Market shows for the quarter. These will be supplemented by Fan Fest shows before football games. All of the aforementioned shows are to be held on a very impressive Ernie Ball portable stage.

This first show featured Still Time, a local sensation which is comprised primarily of Cal Poly grads and is quickly growing beyond regional fame.

Between the draw of Still Time and publicity work behind the scenes, there was a very good turn out. The whole area surrounding Campus Market, tables and lawns included, was full of very pleased students.

Unfortunately, it seems that some were not as pleased with the state of events. According to Dave Carlsen, ASI Musical Entertainment Supervisor, by the time the first strum of the sound check had resolved, there were already professors from nearby classrooms trying to tell him that the event could not happen there. Of course the university planned and is funding the event, so these professors were sorely mistaken and remarkably uninformed.

Regardless of any negative feedback from faculty, I would say with confidence that the first Music in the Market bodes well for free, university-sponsored shows to come this year.

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