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Just a Rant.


There are two things I want to mention in this post: music as a fashion and the different types of people that are associated with several “rock” scenes.

Music is a universal language. It moves and inspires people to be a part of it, whether by fan support or creatively composing a piece.

I’m not a skilled musician nor am I a band groupie, but I do enjoy listening to all genres and observe what the general trends and stereotypes are of today.

(The following is based solely on my own experiences.)

When Avril Lavigne cranked out her tunes, it seemed like every girl in high school wore ties and carried guitars. Every girl jumped on the band wagon and took up guitar lessons. It was cool to go to local shows and know of the underground movement. At least for me, I felt like I knew what I was talking about being ahead of the game.

I was different though. I didn’t do it as a fashion to be purposely labeled in that misfit group. (Some people wore band shirts and weren’t really fans of that band.) I actually took up guitar lessons and wanted to start my own band. I failed miserably by the way. And, I loved listening to the ‘details’ in every song. Still in high school,  I remained wearing the same color every day, black, and I was criticized for the music I listened to by the “mainstream”, popular crowd at school. Funny though, Good Charlotte became way popular by the very same people who criticized me. They started wearing the studded belts and various punk looking outfits, and oh, not to mention those jelly bracelets. Somehow, that was when I knew that rock became the ‘in’ thing.

Look at Disney. Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers, and Camp Rock. Have you ever stopped to observe their appearance? I don’t know what it is, but Disney does a damn good job marketing this rock scene to a younger generation.

I remember there was this one music video played on the disney channel. It had like 3 young boys dressed in what looked like catholic school attire, and they had a bunch of crazed girls surrounding them while they held their guitars looking ‘cool’. At one point, I distinctly remember one of the boys just holding it, almost showing off how cool he was, and not playing a single note. I was frustrated. They just look dumb and fake, and their lyrics sucked. Wherever there is money to be made, this one scene is a solid go.

Metal. Some say its satanic and some say its a great genre to break down the stereotype. Props to bands that can do a good job at not sounding so pissed off but still maintain that same aggressive note.

I notice that the general stereotype of people who listen to Hannah Montana and the like are people in middle school. They’re your average fan girl, screaming away with excitement. This type of ‘rock’ sounds extremely pop rock to the max with cheesy guitar tunes and uncreative, blunt lyrics. Not meaningful in any way.

Then, you have people in high school that dress scene. They wear tight pants with side swept hair and carry with them this dark, almost pitiful cloud of sorrow and complaints. The girls wear too much eye liner and paint their nails black. This particular crowd is where groupies start to develop. They easily support a band, even if they lack serious talent, and will buy merch. In a way, this is the most important crowd for a band because they are the major network group for spreading the word.

Oh, and jelly bracelets and converses are still in at the high school point.

Hardcore and any core related label. These people tend to wear plugs, wear X’s on their hands, and do a whole lot of moshing and dancing. They’re pretty aggressive and get immensely offended if you intrude on their dancing space. Sometimes I think moshing or hardcore dancing is a way to hide your intended punches.

You also have the metal heads with long hair and black. Metal is complicated to break down because there’s symphonic, goth, death, speed…etc. In my opinion, this is the crowd that remains true to what rock was originally seen as.

The last major group, indie. I personally love this genre, aside from metal, and it attracts the college kids. After high school and going through the teeny bopper phase, usually people mellow out and turn to chill tunes. Some support local bands still and some choose to attend hardcore shows, but only to feel out of place because of their age. Indie is like Urban Outfitters and a warm sunny day with an acoustic guitar.

For me, every time I think of Jonas Brothers, Disney pops up. High school hardcore makes me think of braces, attitudes, and monotonous tones. Bands sound exactly the same and will never stand out in my mind. Indie is either boring or tasteful. I’m extremely picky.

What it comes down to is this. If a band can draw a crowd of all ages, you know you’re legit. High schools are a crutch and the kids are already a built in fan base, its cheating.

Lauren Gan

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  1. 12.15.09 6.07 pm

    I think you are so right! keep writing this i’ll be here again!

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