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PK at Pavillion on the Lake


Last Sunday, the 22nd, I went to a show to see the illustrious PK. They are a true presence in the Central Coast music scene with an ever growing influence. Seems like everywhere I go, I hear people talking about PK. Everyone knows their music and everyone knows the members. They are awesome musicians and possibly even better guys.


So, I was not able to make it to the show as early as I would have liked. I arrived about halfway through The Mighty Fine‘s set. They surely lived up to their name, I must say.

Then on came PK. They put on a great live show. For any music enthusiast living in SLO they are truly a must see.


Their music is fun and accessible. I honestly can’t imagine anyone not being able to appreciate their sound. When combined with their amazing stage presence, you’ve got a pretty cohesively awesome live show.

Also, PK has an album in the works right now. It should be released very early in 2010.


SO: Keep your eyes on their page for show dates and please try to make it out. I promise you won’t regret it. They are a true standout in a local scene rife with talent.

Photos courtesy of the extraordinary Lauren Gan.


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