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So my intent with this page is to post some small collection of highlights from any photographic endeavors which I undertake.

the first update is this: i got a camera. thats a good start, right?

the second update is this: i’ve been figuring out how the new camera works. to do so i’ve been using it a lot.

this has consisted mostly of taking pictures of the many hummingbirds which has recently moved onto our property (i suspect we stole them from our neighbor down the street; they used to have many hummingbirds and we had none, now we have many and they have none).

hummingbirds make nice photography practice, since they’re pretty and catching clear pictures of something that moves so quickly is a good utilization of the camera’s abilities.

i’m currently uploading a first batch of photos onto my new photobucket account (they’re literally uploading as we speak and i don’t want to mess up the process so i’ll post a link to my page later).

anyway, once thats all done, i’ll edit them and probably delete like half and then choose the best of the best to be displayed here. hopefully there will be a noticeable trend towards improvement in the quality of the photography displayed herein over time. hopefully.

01 033

01 044
01 026

Check out my QTVR.

Click above to check out my QTVR.

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  1. 10.08.09 1.30 pm

    these are awesome shots, what kind of camera do you have? i’m looking into getting a nice camera..

  2. 10.08.09 2.09 pm

    i actually just got the camera. its a canon rebel t1i, got it from costco. i’m really enjoying it.

    it also takes great hd video, so that’s cool.

  3. thelittlewhitebear permalink
    10.13.09 12.14 pm

    the first picture of the seed looks like dried up lychee.

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